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Design and Innovation.

Don’t let your wall decor merely compliment the room. It should start the conversation. Think of your wall and its space. Think of some of the principles of design – contrast, alignment, repetition, proximity, all can take form in a collection of pieces, or a single dominant piece of home decor. The advantage you have with Decor Therapy – the international design, materials, textures, finishes are all willing to start the conversation for you. The language of cool stuff.

What’s an Atelier?

It’s our secret. (Don’t tell anyone, unless you want them to rock home decor, too. )
The designers at Decor Therapy travel the planet, searching the back-alleys in design to find that hidden treasure, that artist, that craftsman, that designer, working in their quiet studio, perfecting their art. . .

that you can hang on your wall.

Clock, metal, prints, and mirrors
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